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It's unusual to find small accountancy firms specialising in charities and not for profit organisations, but the field of charity accounts has become increasingly complex over the past few years, especially since the introduction of the 2005 Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), which regulates the preparation of charity accounts.  In addition the threshold at which charities are required to comply with audit procedures is much lower than that for an equivalent non-charitable company.  So there is a real need for accountancy firms to offer specialist expertise in this area.

We can also advise from practical experience, as Stephen Frost is involved at local and national level with the UK's leading first aid charity. Thanks in part to Stephen's interest we have at Frost & Company built both expertise and resources in accounting services for charities, and now work with a number of national, regional and local charities, including helping trustees meet their Charities Act obligations.

We're keen to share our expertise, so if you're a charity or not for profit organisation looking for an accountant please contact us, or if you prefer in the first instance simply request our Charity brochure.

We've been working with Frost and Company for some years now, they understand the issues faced by charities and I wholeheartedly recommend them to a charity looking for a good accountant

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