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If you're setting up a new company, choosing an accountant is one of the most important decisions you need to make...if you are an established company you've probably hired an accountant before but you may be looking for something more.

Frost & Company offers a full range of corporate accountancy services for companies.  We work in partnership with you every step of the way -  creating the right financial structures for your company's future, forecasting, planning and managing growth, securing funding for investments, and planning strategies that will help realise the full value of your company when shareholders are ready to move on.  That's in addition to all the obvious services you'd expect from your accountant - VAT, PAYE and NI, payroll and end of year accounts.

In fact we are happy to take on your day to day financial management process in its entirety, operating as an extension of your company - we fulfil this role for a number of our clients.

Contact us and ascertain for yourself whether we're the kind of accountants you'd like to work with.

Or if you'd like to read more about the corporate accounting services offered by Frost & Company before you commit to a meeting, feel free to request a copy of our corporate accounting brochure.


Frost and Company now handle a lot of our financial management processes as well as our year end accounts, and they're so friendly and helpful it's like they're part of our own team

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